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Wearing Latin Well

One of our favorite school traditions is CRAZY HAT DAY.  On this special day each fall the grammar school students are encouraged to design and create a hat which falls into one of a number of categories, such as historical, musical, colorful, scientific, etc.  Since we are a classical school there must be a Latin hat category too.  This year one young man outdid himself.  He included not only the Latin language, but also history and literature in his Virgil Hat.


Mr. Matt and his Virgil hat

The hat features a replica of an actual bust of Virgil, considered the greatest of Rome’s poets.  Our young sculptor created the bust himself.  While I do not know all of his secrets, I can tell you the hair was created with pasta (mixing ancient Italian with modern Italian – nice touch).  Beneath the poet’s name is the title of his great epic poem, The Aeneid.  Romans proudly felt that this epic recalled the glory of all that was Rome.  Around the rim of the hat, not clearly seen in this image, are the famous opening lines of the poem.  “Arma virumque cano, Troiae quis primus ab oris . . . . “

Congratulations, sir.  You win the Teacher’s Choice Award!

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