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Texas Classics Week


Proclamation from the Governor

Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed April 21 – 25 as Texas Classics Week.  Why April 21?  That will be Rome’s 2762nd birthday! Read the official proclamation here!   This is a great opportunity to celebrate the classics and bring some much deserved attention to the study of Latin in our schools.  Find a special way to celebrate and pass it on!

4 Responses to “Texas Classics Week”

  • Hi Karen,
    I read about this post on the classical classrooms loop. I wanted to post a link to the original proclamation, but I could not find it anywhere. Would you mind telling me where you originally found this statement? I checked Perry’s Website, to no avail. Thanks for your time!
    Angie Copetillo

  • Rhonda Sanger:

    Thanks! It was such a treat to learn that our governor made such a proclamation.

  • Karen Moore:


    This proclamation was obtained through the work of the student officers in the Texas State Junior Classical League, an organization dedicated to the promotion of classics in secondary education. The VP was kind enough to scan and email me a pdf of the original proclamation for this blog. If you cannot download the image from the post, then I would be happy to email you the pdf. Just please let me know.
    Karen Moore

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