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Seminar and Book Review

“Karen puts the “classy” in classical Latin education.  Both in print and in person she brings academic rigor, vision, and charm to the subject.  She infuses the Conference with well-organized information and enthusiasm making it an exponentially better experience than trying to review it all by myself.  So glad I attended and so glad that God has led her to create the interdisciplinary (grammar, history, literature) series that Latin Alive is.”

-Rhonda from Christ Classical Academy in Tallahasee, Fl.

One of the many reviews you can read on the Latin For Teachers website (link in the blogroll).  Karen will not be leading the LFT seminar in Austin in 2010, as she is taking some time off to finish the Latin Alive book series.  Her grammar school seminar is available on DVD from Classical Academic Press.  Karen is available for training and consultation.

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