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Sarcinae Volant Gratis

I have a new favorite Latin phrase for all of you frequent fliers out there.  Sarcinae Volant Gratis – Bags Fly Free.  This is the new motto of Southwest Airlines.  If you watch their commercials carefully you will see it written in Latin on the badges of their “bag cops.”  Look for it under the yellow logo in the center of the badge.

Ginny Lindzey, a fellow Latin teacher here in the Austin area, created the Latin motto for SWA.  The father of one of her students handles their advertising account.  It just goes to show that you can never underestimate the power and influence of a good Latin teacher.  Way to go, Ginny!

Many thanks to Magister DeHoratius of Wayland H.S. for sharing this on the latinteach message board.

SWA Bag Cop Badge

SWA Bag Cop Badge

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