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Roman Marketplace

We had a great time in Latin class today playing vendores et emptores in the Roman marketplace (or forum).  We have been learning about partitive expressions and the ablative of price in chapter 23.  I began class with a review of partitive expressions.  I then walked around one half of the classroom with a select tray on which I had placed a variety of mini chocolate bars.  I asked the students “Quid dulce vis?” or “Quot dulcia vis?”  They had to respond in a complete sentence using the correct partitive expression to get the chocolate they were asking for. (I only did this for half the class and commanded them “nolite dulcia edere!”)  

Next, I reviewed the ablative of price.  I gave the other half of the class, those without any chocolate, ten pennies each.  I told them each penny was one denarius.  They were emptores.  Their task was to bargain in Latin with the vendores, who already had the chocolate they wanted.  The catch: all bargaining must be done in Latin!  After about 10 – 15 minutes everyone went back to their seats.  We tallied purchases and proceeds to see who were the best vendor et emptor.   Then we all enjoyed some chocolate!

I used the culture corner at the end of chapter 24 in Latin Alive Book 1 to teach them about units of Roman money and to give them some bargaining phrases to get them started.  They had a great time!  Nothing goes better with Latin than a little chocolate!

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