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Roman Kings Mnemonic

Unit 2 of Latin Alive Book 1 features stories about the seven kings of Rome.  Recently, a colleague shared a couple of wonderful mnemonic devices for remembering these seven kings in chronological order. 

First, an acronym that recalls the Gauls and (much later) the Huns.

Random Nomadic Tribes Attack The Southern Town.

Random (Romulus)
Nomadic (Numa Pompilius)
Tribes (Tullus Hostilius)
Attack (Ancus Marcius)
The (Tarquinius Priscus)
Southern (Servius Tullius)
Town (Tarquinius Superbus)

Second, an orignal poem on the various reigns of the seven kings:

Romulus was Rome’s first king;
he snatched the Sabine women.
Numa, called Pompilius,
invented Rome’s religion.

Tullius was just so cruel
they nicknamed him Hostilius.
Then came Ancus Marcius
who built the pons sublicius.

The Elder Tarquin drained the swamp
to make the Roman Forum.
Servius Tullius changed so much,
there’s no way to ignore ‘im.

Last of all, Tarquin the Proud,
whose son had raped Lucretia,
was driven out by Roman’s shouting
“So long, king, who needs ya?”

Dennis M. McHenry II
Latin Teacher | AHS, Allentown NJ


Many thanks to Mr. McHenry for sharing his teaching tools.  Do any of you have lessons on the seven kings you would like to share?  Please post in the comment section.

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