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National Latin Exam Preparation Help

Professor Schwandt of New Saint Andrews College has just come out with an online Prep Test for the National Latin Exam (NLE).  Those of you who are planning for your students to take the NLE this year simply must take a look at this fabulous online tool.
The Prep Test is designed mainly as a study aid for students planning on taking the NLE. The site allows them to take the test as many times as they’d like, and provides them statistics on each category of the test.  This allows them to track their weaknesses and strengths as they study. The Prep Test accomplishes this through question tagging. The program shows students the areas where they performed weaker or stronger so they can better understand what their score actually means, and specifically how they can improve on the subject matter.
 Teachers and parents should be aware that this is a brand new program and as such offers practice only for Level 1 students, but there may be a Level 2 test prep in the future.  Those of you who are using Latin Alive Book 1 should apply for the Level 1 exam, so this is a perfect fit for you.  There is a $10 fee for using the site (this is really just to cover the site maintenance).  This one time fee gives you access to use the site as many times as you would like through the end of June.  I am recommending the Prep Test to all of my Latin 1 students, and I will have my own son practice using this new tool regularly.

NLE Prep Test:

Information on the National Latin Exam may be found at

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  If you use the prep test please comment on this blog to let others know how it worked for you and your students.  It looks like a great tool to me, but I would love to hear your feedback.





3 Responses to “National Latin Exam Preparation Help”

  • Michael:

    This test was kinda cool. I plan to use it to study.

    (6th grader)

  • Li:

    It does seem like a good tool, except I think making it free and accessible should be the main concern.

  • Rae:

    You’re right. There aren’t many Latin Exam prep tools out there. When I found this site, I was really excited that I might ACTUALLY get a chance to prepare. Then I realized I had to pay a fee. To really make people feel prepared, make this program free. You’ll get a lot more hits on this website then.

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