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I love hands-on learning!  Models, therefore, are a favorite project.  What better way for students to make their readings come alive than to craft the very objects they read about.  Models can, however, be expensive and time consuming.  Our annual gingerbread models, for example, take three days to construct and we divide the labor amongst 2 – 3 separate classes.  A few years back I found a fantastic site for paper models of ancient objects: naval warships, ancient theater, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Parthenon.  I particularly like using the models of the warships and Hadrian’s Wall, as they can be spread out for an entire class to work on.  Imagine reconstructing the fleet for the Trojan War, or maybe just the fleet of Aeneas and his refugees.  Or perhaps build a great wall across Britian in the classroom.  It takes 79 wall pieces from this kit to construct a scaled down model of  just one mile of Hadrian’s Wall.  The model instruction books are relatively inexpensive.  Many of the models could be built in just one class period with little prep time and little mess. 

 Geoblox Paper Models  – Be sure to check out the link for their FREE models!

To learn more about the gingerbread models referenced here visit the blog post “Greek Theater.”  Or, visit the Latin page of the Grace Academy website provided in the blogroll.

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