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Latin Taboo

Some of you may be familiar with the popular party game “Taboo.”  Well, at Grace Academy we play a similar game with a Latin twist.  It quickly became a student favorite and is great for practicing vocabulary.  Here is how to play.

Latin Taboo – Challenge. Some preparation required. Create a stack of cards with your Latin vocabulary words.  If your students already have flashcards made for your vocabulary words you can use those.  Player A draws a card from the top of the deck.  He must get his partner (the next person in line or Player B) to guess the word on the card – the Latin word.  He cannot, however, use the meaning of the word or ANY English derivatives as hints.  When player B successfully guesses the proper Latin word, then it becomes his turn to draw.  Player B draws a card and turns to player C in order to give her hints to successfully figure out the next Latin word.  Continue on down the line of players until all words have been used.  This game gives students the challenge of describing the object or action without using the memorized meaning.  It makes them think “outside the card.” 

To bring the challenge of this game up a notch, play entirely in Latin.  Don’t use any English at all.  Have Player A give hints only in Latin to encourage Player B to figure out the correct word.  This will really build the students’ vocabulary and encourage them to truly think Latin.

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Do you have a favorite vocabulary game?  Please share!

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