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Latin Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic, so is Latin.  It is therefore only natural that the two should blend together beautifully!  Latin Scrabble is another student fav at our school, and it is a great way to build vocabulary and even exercise some grammar.  Just think – with all of the noun and verb inflections, the possibilities are endless!  And all those little pronoun charts are perfect for some quick 2 – 3 letter words.   I allow the lower level classes to use a dictionary as they play.  Sometimes they like to play in teams.  All the other rules, however, do remain the same.  If you find yourself with a yearning for some Latin Scrabble, and no amici with whom to play you might try the online site for Latin scrabble:

Virtual Latin Scrabble:

CAVEAT:  Remember that classical Latin will not use the letters J, K, and W.  Letters like Y and Z are also pretty rare as they usually only appear in Greek derivatives.

NOTA BENE: The picture to the upper right shows my students playing with a special set of red tiles. These are specifically designed for Latina Lingua. The alphabet has been adjusted as well as the points assigned each letter to reflect Latin literature. For more information on ordering a set see the contact info for Jeremiah Mead in the comment section below.

2 Responses to “Latin Scrabble”

  • Karen Moore:

    Great News! I have recently been in correspondance with Mr. Jeremiah Mead, an established expert in the English language scene of the Scrabble world in North America. Mr. Mead has also played to the international English dictionary in a couple of World Championship tournaments. Mr. Mead’s love of Latin and Scrabble has led him to design a set of Scrabble tiles designed specifically for the Latin alphabet. These include only the letters Latin words would use, and adjusts the point value of each letter accordingly. To order a set you may contact him at

  • Rachel:

    That is awesome! I will have to order a set for my students! Thanks for the tip.

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