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Latin Preparation for Teachers and Parents

Are you a parent/teacher who would wishes you had an opportunity to learn Latin?  Are you a Latin teacher that wishes you had time to go back and take some graduate courses?  Well, your wish has been granted.  Several university classics programs offer summer courses.  Here are a couple of excellent programs I have been made aware of recently.  Check your area college or university to see what they might be offering.  Some programs allow adults to audit a course for only a small fee without actually enrolling in the college.  If you find a good program, post a comment and let us know!

 University of Texas at Austin

Please note the following classics courses to be offered this summer at the University of Texas at Austin, which may interest you and/or your students. 
For more information contact Lynn Gadd ( 512-471-8502). 
Intensive Summer Greek
June 3-August 16
First Session: June 3-July 10
LAT 506: Beginning Latin I
LAT 311: Intermediate Latin I (Vergil)
LAT 323: Catullus.
Second Session: July 12-August 16
LAT 507: Beginning Latin I
LAT 312M: Intermediate Latin II: Readings in Latin Prose
Classical Civilization
First Session: June 3-July 10
CC 301: Introduction to Ancient Greece
CC 304C: Introduction to Ancient Egypt
CC 306M: Introduction to Medical and Scientific Terminology
Second Session: July 12-August 16
CC 302: Introduction to Ancient Rome
CC 303: Introduction to Classical Mythology

Each year the Institute offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate Latin and Classics courses, including, in odd-numbered years, Intensive Beginning Greek and, in even-numbered years, Intensive Beginning Latin. The Institute curriculum is supplemented by workshops and guest lectures by visiting master teachers and other scholars. The program is designed especially for Latin teachers who wish to continue their education or earn a Master’s degree in Latin on a summers-only basis. The faculty
of the Department of Classics share in a tradition of cooperation with high school teachers and their programs that culminates each summer in an exciting and challenging curriculum. Here are the offerings for the summer of 2010:

First Short Session – June 14 – July 2, exam on July 6
LATN 2050 – Intensive Latin, I 12:30 – 3:15 pm, Park Hall 225, Dr. Christine Albright
CLAS 8020 – Archaeology of Carthage, 9:00 – 11:45 am, Park Hall 228, Dr. Naomi J. Norman

Second Short Session – July 7 – July 27, exam on July 28
LATN 2060 – Intensive Latin II, 12:30 – 3:15 pm, Park Hall 225, Mr. Randy Fields
LATN 4/6020 – Roman Epic(non-Aeneid selections), 9:00 – 11:45 am, Park Hall 228, Dr. T. Keith Dix

Through Session – June 14 – July 26, exam on July 27
CLAS 8000 – Proseminar, 2:14 – 4:05 pm • Mondays Only, Park Hall 222, Staff
LATN 6030 – Caesar, 12:45 – 2:00 pm, Park Hall 115, Dr. John Nicholson

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