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Latin Letters

My 9th grade Latin Literature class read a letter written in Latin on September 20, 1947 by C.S. Lewis.  Lewis carried on a correspondance with an Don Giovanni Calabria, an Italian priest, for a number of years during the WWII era.  C.S. Lewis did not speak Italian and Calabria did not know English.  Their common tongue was Latin.  This collection of letters has been published for Lewis enthusiasts as The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis. They make a wonderful reading source for classes.  The 9th grade is currently studying the modern era, so this letter, which makes mention of Hitler and the atrocities of the day, is a perfect opportunity for lateral integration of subject matter.

After reading one of these wonderful letters I then assigned the students the task of writing their own Latin letter to one of our Grace Academy alumni.  Writing Latin letters is a perfect opportunity to help students begin composition and conversational Latin practice.  The subject matter can be short and simple and great fun.  Moreover, our alumni, now away at college, were delighted to get a Latin letter from home.

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