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Latin Conventions!

This weekend, Feb. 25 – 26, Grace Academy will host the annual Area F Latin Convention at Pflugerville H.S. The convention will include more than 550 Latin students from all over the Greater Austin Area. The students assemble each year at this convention to share their enjoyment in the study of Classics. What I love most about these conventions is that they present an opportunity for every student to find something they enjoy and can excel in. Academic contests include tests in categories related to the language, history, and civilization of the Greco-Roman world. Classical Civilization contests include art, vocals, drama, and costume. My favorite category is the creative art competitions, which include dramatic interpretation and Latin oratory. And of course, we cannot forget the Olympika events. As Grace Academy hosts this year’s convention we are pleased to announce the arrival of Legion VIII Augusta. This troupe of Roman reenactors will set up camp on the practice field. In addition to giving two presentations on the Roman army, the soldiers welcome all peaceful civilians to inspect their camp and ask questions. Visitors can try on pieces of armor and try their hand at writing notes on the cerae (or wax tablets). Yes, Latin will certainly be alive and kickin’ this weekend in Austin.

For more information about the Junior Classical League and Latin conventions in your area visit
or Texas residents may visit

For more information about the Latin program at Grace Academy visit and look under “academics”

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