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Latin Alive Book 2 -now available for order!

It gives me great joy to announce that Latin Alive! Book 2 is now available for pre-order!  The second book in the LA series continues the relevant, rigorous, and incremental Latin instruction begun in Latin Alive! Book 1. The series is designed to make Latin come alive for middle and high school students, showing the relevance and power of Latin in history, ancient and contemporary culture, the Romance languages, English derivatives, and the grammatical structure of English. It also features original Latin writings, giving students access to the works of great Latin authors in their original tongue. As the second text in a three-year series, Latin Alive! Book 2 is an entry point to advanced grammatical studies, and also includes considerable review.  That means that LA2 can also serve as the next text to follow most grammar school series such as Latin for Children.

Learn more about Latin Alive Book 2 through the website for Classical Academic Press.

You can view the TOC for LA2 on the post titled Latin Alive Book 2: Sneak Peek.

Read a synopsis for all three books on the page “About the Books.”

Read about our fabulous contributing historians who have graciously shared their expertise by writing articles for the LA2 unit reviews on the page “Contributing Historians.”

2 Responses to “Latin Alive Book 2 -now available for order!”

  • Anne Wegener:

    Hurray! We finished Latin Alive 1 today! Any idea when the DVDs for Book 2 will be available?

  • Karen Moore:

    CAP has posted on their website that they expect it to be ready this Fall.

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