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Latin Alive and the National Latin Exam

It is that time of year when teachers will begin receiving advertisements and registration forms for the National Latin Exam (NLE).  I am frequently asked advice regarding what level students using Latin Alive or Latin for Children should sign up for.  My suggestions are provided in this post.  I will always advise teachers, however, to double check my suggestion against the syllabus for each test level provided on the NLE website.  Different classes proceed through the texts at different paces.  My suggestions are based on the assumption that you will complete the text listed within one standard academic year (Sept. – May).  If your style or pace does not fit that assumption you really need to check where your students will be at the time of testing against the topics outlined in the NLE syllabus.

Go to National Latin Exam Syllabi

Latin for Children, C Introduction to Latin
Latin Alive 1 Level 1
Latin Alive 2 Level 2
Latin Alive 3 Level 3

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