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It’s All Greek or Latin to Me!

Each year the Grace Academy Classics Club designs a club t-shirt sporting a witty phrase that shows off the joy of the classics. This year we could not choose just one!  Instead all students contributed their favorite Greek or Latin sayings to a classical word cloud in green.  Each saying gives a nod to something special: literature, logic, theatre, theology, and some are just plain ol’ fun.  At the center of them all is our school motto, “Soli Deo Gloria” [Glory to God Alone].  On the reverse the astute will find our clever theme for the year, “It’s all either Greek or Latin to me” written in alternating Greek and Latin script (see caption for picture below).

We wear these shirts on school spirit days, to our club events, Junior Classical League competitions, and just whenever the mood for a cool witty shirt strikes our fashion fancy.  The 2016 shirt has quickly become a favorite.  The shirt design won first place in the club t-shirt competition at the Texas State Junior Classical League with the judges commenting “I want one!”  See below for a list of the featured quotes.


It is all either Greek or Latin to me!

Μοι omne η Ηελλην aut Latinum εστιν!

veni, vidi, vici  = I came, I saw, I conquered (Julius Caesar)

carthago delenda est  = Carthage must be destroyed (Cato the Elder)

arma virumque cano  = I sing of arms and a man (Vergil, Aeneid)

cave canem = beware of the dog (common inscription on mosaics in Rome)

dum spiro spero  = while I breathe, I hope (Cicero)

vis tecum sit  = may the force be with you (Kenobi)

semper ubi sub ubi  = always where under where (mnemonic device for the adverb ubi)

quod erat demonstrandum = that which must be demonstrated (Logic phrase)

SOLI DEO GLORIA = Glory to God Alone (Bach would sign his musical compositions S.D.G. referencing this phrase. Grace Academy adopted this as our school motto.)

γνωθι σαυτον = know thyself (oracle of Delphi)

ευρηκα (eureka) = I found it (Archimedes’ famous exclamation upon scientific discovery)

μελετη το παν = practice everything (Greek proverb)

εν αρχη ην ο λογος = in the beginning was the word (John 1:1)

τεκνον, η ταυταν η επι ταυτας = son, come back with your shield or on it (Spartan saying)

προς κεντρα μη λακτιϚε = do not kick against the goads (Pindar, quoted by the Apostle Paul)

ου πολλα αλλα πολυ = not many, but much/ not quantity, but quality (Greek proverb)

σκηνη πας ο βιος = all of life is a stage (Greek proverb quoted by Shakespeare)





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