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Interview with Karen Moore

Recently I was invited to sit down with Dr. Christopher Perrin for an interview on the study of Latin.  We discussed a variety of topics including the benefits of Latin study, Latin pedagogy, teaching tips, the National Latin Exam, and even how I became hooked on this wonderful language.  You can listen to the interview on Dr. Perrin’s own blog site, Inside Classical Education.  Dr. Perrin has a series of interviews here with persons of interest in the classical education movement.  I encourage you to tune in to this series and enjoy some wonderful discussions.

 Dr. Perrin is the head of Classical Academic Press, publishing company for Latin Alive, as well as a consultant and frequent speaker on Classical Education.  He has also written many of the materials published by CAP, including the primer series Latin for Children and Greek for Children.  In addition he has penned a wonderfully insightful booklet titled “An Introduction to Classical Education.”  All can be found on the Classical Academic Press website listed in the blog roll to the right.

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