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In Honor of our Soldiers

Veterans’ Day is fast approaching.  With it comes a growing desire to find ways to recognize and honor those who have served our country and defended our freedom.  I cannot pass up the opportunity to offer you a way to do so through your Latin classes.  I have mentioned state Latin mottoes many times on this blog site.  Did you know that each branch of our armed forces, and even many divisions within those branches, have their own Latin mottoes as well?  Most have heard of the famous motto of the U.S. Marines – Semper Fidelis  or Semper Fi!  Have you heard of Semper Paratus, motto of the U.S. Coast Guard?

Each day this week and perhaps even in weeks to come write one of these military mottoes on the white board of your classroom before class begins.  As students file in ask them to translate this motto as a warm-up.  Then begin class by reading the motto and discussing which branch of the armed forces it represents.  Ask students why they think this motto was chosen to represent this group of soldiers.  Then end your Latin warm up with a prayer for their safety and thanksgiving for their service.

Here are a few of my favorite military mottoes to help you get started.  You can find an extended list in Latin Alive Book 1, chapter 20.  An internet search is sure to find many more.  Ask students if they have a family member or friend in the service and see if the class can find the military motto for the branch or unit for that soldier.

Fidus Ultra Finem (Faithful Beyond the End) – 2nd Air Defense Military Regiment

Non Cedo, Ferio (I do not yield, I strike) – 3rd Air Defense Military Regiment

Videmus Omnia (We See Everything) – 55th Wing, Airforce

In Cruce Mea Fides (In the Cross My Faith) – 30th Medical Brigade

Pro Deo, Patria, Vicino (For God, Country, Neighbor) – 104th Medical Battalion

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