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Headventureland is a brand new website where students can play games, read books, and watch videos in Latin!  The website is designed in part as support material for the products published by Classical Academic Press.  You will find vocabulary games here designed for Latin Alive, Latin for Children, and Song School Latin.  You will also find pages dedicated to their other products that teach Greek, Logic, Spanish, and Bible.  I have a fourth grade son currently using Latin for Children, Primer B and a sixth grade son using Latin Alive, Book 1.  Both absolutely love this new website.  They watch the introduction video each time they log on.  The FlashDash game is a big hit – and now they have a high score feature to feed their competitive nature.  They both also love to watch the videos and use the online readers.  Even my youngest, who is not yet studying Latin, loves to watch the diglot videos.

For older students using the Latin Alive series there is a game called Know Your Stuff created by two of my senior students. This game follows the classic game show format to quiz students on the vocabulary, grammar, mottoes, history, and culture all found in Latin Alive, Book I.  This game is designed for one or two players seated at the same keyboard. This game takes study time to a whole new level.

Whether you are using CAP materials or not, this site is a lot of fun for any Latin student.  If you are using the CAP materials, this site is a must!

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