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Happy Anniversary, LA Yahoo Group!

One year ago today the Latin Alive Yahoo Group was launched by Nancy, a Latin Alive fan in Vermont.  Nancy had recently attended my “Latin for Teachers” seminar down here in Texas.  We had a fun group that year from across the U.S.A.  We covered all of Latin Alive Book 1 in just one intense week of study.  It was a blast!  During the week Nancy had suggested the creation of a yahoo group where we could all continue to brainstorm and invite others to join us.  Nancy being the “go-getter” she is, immediately started the group upon her return to Vermont.  We now have nearly one hundred members from across the U.S.A. who have contribued ideas and posted worksheets to share. 

Thanks, Nancy for getting this group started.  Thanks to all the Latin Alive Yahoo Group members for your insights, ideas, and questions.  You all keep me thinking!

To join this yahoo group visit

The link is also posted in the blogroll to the right.

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, LA Yahoo Group!”

  • Angie:

    Happy Anniversary! It has been a great group to be a part of!

  • Crystal:

    I enjoy this group very much. I don’t write on the group as we are not in Latin Alive 1 yet, but I learn from each discussion. Thank you, Nancy! Thank you, Karen! Thank you, list members!

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