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Games That Get You Talkin’

In a previous post I discussed a lesson plan where I had the students giving one another commands in Latin.  The lesson plan was in effect a game that not only reviewed grammar, but helped the students develop their oral and aural skills.  It was a game that got them talkin’ in Latin – and they loved it.  Here are a couple others.

Magister Dicit (The Teacher Says): Simple to Challenging.  Requires some preparation.  This is a great game for beginning grammar students all the way to advance students.  You can begin with simple one word imperative commands such as cantate, surgite, or sedete.  When you introduce prepositional phrases it can create all kinds of fun mayhem. Discipuli, ascendite in mensam!  The more grammar they know, the more complex the commands can become.  This will require some preparation for the teacher.  You will want to have several commands at the ready.  You can also give the students the opportunity to play magister and let them take turns commanding their peers in Latin.

Magna Fabula (The Great Story): Challenge.  Some prepration may be required. Have you ever played the game where one person begins a story with a simple sentence and the others take turns adding on a sentence at a time?  This is great fun in Latin class.  The first time or two  you may want to warn students in advance so they have a few ideas prepared.  You may even want to encourage them to use vocabulary from a certain chapter or unit so that A) they have some material to work with and B) everyone will be familiar with the words that might be used.  Everyone feels a little insecure at first – worried they will make a grammatical error.  Remind them that we make grammatical errors all the time when we speak English, but we still manage to communicate.  The point is to get them talking AND listening.  After they have become a bit more comfortable with the game, surprise them with a story time on the fly!

Do you have some great ideas to get students talking in Latin class?  Please Share!

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