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Fun with Latin Commands

Today we had a great lesson in my sixth grade class.  We reviewed imperatives, the vocative case, and special intransitive verbs all while speaking entirely in Latin!  Here is how:

Students learned the imperative mood and the vocative case last week.  Tuesday’s lesson was on the special intransitive (verbs that govern the dative).  At the end of the day on Tuesday I asked students to compose three TOP SECRET commands using the vocative, imperative, and special intransitive verbs.  “The commands must be TOP SECRET,” I told them, “no one else can know what you come up with.”  Today in class I told them they were not allowed to speak English at all, only Latin.  I invited students to come up one at a time to give these commands to their classmates.  Since they had been top secret, the other students would not know what to expect and must listen very carefully.  Using one another’s Latin names they proceeded to give their classmates some pretty creative commands.

“Iuli, noce Roberto cum cane!”

One student dropped to his knees pretending to be a canis as Iulius ordered him “Noce, Roberto.”  Then he crawled off barking at his classmate pretending to attack.

This invited great laughter from the whole class.  The students really enjoyed the review lesson.  More importantly they grew more comfortable with speaking and hearing the language.  Today, Latin was truly alive for them!

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  • Rachel:

    This sounds like a great idea! What other games do you use to review vocab and practice grammar in class? I’d love to find some games that could be played as a class (about 22 each class) as well as games they could play in small groups or pairs to help review for quizzes. I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, since I’m using the Latin Alive! text.

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