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Fantastic Mr. Fox – Latin Roll Call


I received so many hits on the Fantastic Mr. Fox post that I thought I would follow up with a translation of the roll call scene.  You can watch the scene above which I found on  Below is a list of the names you will see on the screen in order of appearance.  I have provided the literal translation and the common name for each animal.  Follow along as you watch the clip. 

Latin Name Literal Meaning Common Name
Lutra Lutra Otter Otter European Otter
Talpa Europea Mole European European Mole
Oryctolagus Cuniculus  Rabbit European Rabbit
Castor Fiber Beaver Beaver European Beaver
Meles Meles Badger Badger European Badger
Mustela Nivalis Weasel Snowy Common Weasel


For other examples of Latin used in this movie visit the post titled, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  It appears in the category “Funny Latin Stories.”

For an example of how to use the names of animals in your lesson plan, look for the post titled, Flora and Fauna, Part 2.

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