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Epula Romana

Governor Rick Perry has declared the week of April 19 – 23 as “Texas Classics Week.”  So how will Texans celebrate the classics?  At Grace Academy our upper school will hold an Epula Romana [Roman Banquet].  Students will turn the assembly room into a Roman triclinium, make authentic Roman dishes, and dress in the traditional Roman garb of the toga or stola.  They will also perform songs, read poems, and entertain with scenes from the ancient texts they have read in their humanities class.  Literature such as Aesop’s Fables, the Iliad, the Metamorphoses, and the poems of Vergil.  To make the day extra special we have invited the third grade class, who is also studying ancient Greece and Rome this year, to attend the banquet.  It promises to be a celebration as big and as grand as the great state of Texas!

our Roman chefs along with their culinary creations

our Roman chefs along with their culinary creations

A Roman banquet can be easy to throw together.  All you need is the right food, the right clothes, and a festive atmosphere.  Here are some links to information that can help you:

Food: Traditional Roman Recipes

Clothing: Toga and Stola

Furniture and Decor: The Triclinium


Visit the blog post Texas Classics Week from 2009 to see Governor Perry’s official proclamation for this special week last year.

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