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Dramatic Performance: The Death of Euryalus

In this clip you will see one of our 10th grade students performing a scene from Vergil's Aeneid, "The Death of Euryalus."  Josh won first place at both the Area and Texas State Junior Classical League Conventions for this performance.  He also won 2nd place at the National JCL Convention in California in July, 2009.  You may note that Josh recites the poem in dactylic hexameter as he portrays the suspense and passion of the death scene.  An excellent performance!

The art of oratory and dramatic performance is key for students in classical education.  This project has become my favorite and one that the students look forward to each year as well.  You can find oratory and dramatic interpretation passages for students of all levels at the website for the National Junior Classical League (  Look under "creative arts."

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