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Dominus Anulorum (The Lord of the Rings)

Yes!  The Lord of the Rings, now in Latin!  Pull up a comfy chair, get the popcorn ready and enjoy this new rendition of Tolkein’s classic thanks to the students of Jocelyn Demuth at Oakmont Regional High School.  Ms. Demuth’s AP Latin class enjoyed a very creative final project.  They have provided us with the first movie of the trilogy trimmed to approximately 40 minutes.  The film is entirely in Latin with English subtitles.  Portions have been dubbed, other re-filmed by her students, the magnificent score plays in the background throughout.  A job very well done!

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If school is still in session you might consider showing this as an end of year treat!

8 Responses to “Dominus Anulorum (The Lord of the Rings)”

  • Beata:

    Ego id amo! Is there anyway to get a dvd? I would love one for my class.

  • Karen Moore:

    You would need to contact the teacher who oversaw this project to see if there is anyway to get a DVD. I do not have her contact info. I suggest you start by contacting her school.

  • Jocelyn Demuth:

    This is the teacher who supervised this project – very flattered to find it on your website. The student who played Gandalf is resonsible for the technical wizardry that made this film. He’d love to sell you a DVD (Not for a great deal of money) if anyone wants… hadn’t really thought about it. I submitted this to the Terence Latin film contest recently.

  • Karen Moore:

    Thanks for commenting! And thanks for being the kind of teacher who can inspire such creativity in students! I think this is a wonderful project idea. How can people reach you if they want to purchase a DVD?

  • Jocelyn Demuth:

    you can contact me at
    (word for teacher)

    (If you are a Latin teacher – you know what I mean here – not trying to be cryptic – just trying to foil spammers)

  • Jocelyn Demuth:

    Whoops – amend that to
    (word for teacher)
    all one word.. sorry

  • […] you have not already done so, be sure to watch the award-winning Dominus Anulorum on this blog […]

  • Karen Moore:

    Congratulations to Jocelyn Demuth and her students who have won Best Picture in the 2010 Terence Awards! To learn more about the Terence Awards and other winners visit this LA post:

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