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Creative Writing: Introduction

As the year draws to an end I really enjoy assigning creative writing projects. First, this is a great way to review grammar.  It requires students to approach their grammar lessons from a whole new angle.  They are not merely translating someone else’s words, but they are creating their own.  They must take ownership of the language in order to do this.  Second, the students love this.  They get to pick their own topic (within reason) and find all sorts of fun ways to use their Latin skills.  The stories can be as whacky and zany as the students want, as long as the grammar is correct.  It has become a traditional assignment that students look forward to each year.

While an excellent exercise, and wildly diverting, this assignment can also be a bit intimidating.  Since I have the blessed opportunity to teach the same students for several years in a row, I have developed different levels of creative writing assignments.  This allows them to warm up to the task of writing a completely original story in a foreign language.  I am going to share these lessons over the next two weeks in three different posts.  The various levels are as follows:

1. Diglots – These are particularly helpful for grammar school kids – and they love creating them!

2. Re-writing a familiar fable – This gives them a pattern to follow, but allows them some flexibility and creativity within the guidelines.

3. Creative Writing – Students write their own original short story using all of their Latin skills.

Over the next week I will share my lesson plans for each one of these as well as sample stories.  Stay tuned!

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