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Creative Writing Competition

Do you enjoy creative writing?  Are you fascinated by the stories of ancient Rome?  Well here is a competition for you!  Burgess Hill School proudly presents the third annual Golden Sponge-Stick Writing Competition.  This competition is open to students of ALL ages around the globe.  Read on for contest information.

Golden Sponge-Stick Comp ’10

The STORY itself:

1 Your story should be a Roman story and based in Roman times. It can be set in any part of the Roman world. It can be either a Roman short story or a Roman mystery/ detective story/thriller.

2 Your story should be an individual entry and written entirely by you. Please would a parent or guardian/carer sign your entry at the end or on the back to verify this. (If entry is submitted by email, parent/carer should contact Jerry Pine to ask how to verify: j.pine610 @

3 Your story should not exceed 1500 words in length. Handwritten and typed entries are both welcome but please ensure that a handwritten entry is legible. Your entry should include your full name, school or college and date of birth.

4 Knowledge of Latin is certainly not essential but you should display some historical research and/or knowledge of Roman daily life in your story. If you do study Latin then it would be excellent to use some in your story or story dialogue.

5 Your story should have a clear, logical plot, a set of characters, possibly including a hero/heroine and ideally a series of twists and a striking ending!

Please send your entries by Email or post to:
Jerry Pine
Burgess Hill School for Girls
Keymer Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 0EG
email. j.pine610 @

Good luck in your quest for the golden sponge-stick!


1 A panel of judges will choose the winning entries for each age category.

2 The age categories will be split into four: ages 8 and below; ages 9-11; ages 12-13; ages 14 and above.

3 In each age category three prizes will be awarded; the best in each will receive the prestigious golden sponge-stick. Other classical prizes including books and vouchers will be awarded.

4 Entries are welcome now and the closing date for all entries is Friday December 17 2010.

5 The judges reserve the right to keep all entries unless a stamped addressed envelope is included for return of your entry.

6 All winners will be notified of the result by Friday January 14 2011.

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