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Congratulations to Heritage School!

Heritage School is celebrating BIG this week!  Their Latin Club attended the Area B Latin Convention in San Antonio, TX last weekend, and brought home the third place trophy!  An excellent showing for their very first Latin Convention!  Below is the article on their recent performance from The Herald, a local paper.

Early Saturday morning, February 5th,  a team of Heritage School Latin Club students trekked off to San Antonio to compete in a Junior Classical League Contest for Area B that was held at Alamo Heights High School. Over 1,000 Latin students from San Antonio and surrounding areas participated in this event.  The National Junior Classical League is an organization of middle school and high school students sponsored by the American Classical League. It is composed of local and state chapters and is the largest Classical organization in the world today. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.

Heritage School provides a distinctive classical Christ-centered education that prepares students for servant leadership and lives that glorify God. The graduates of Heritage School strive to exemplify Christ, think critically, speak articulately, write effectively, pursue learning and persevere.  All of these critical attributes come into play for the serious Latin student.  Thirty nine students from sixth, seventh, eighth, and eleventh grades prepared for this regional event in Latin oratory, dramatic interpretation, grammar, reading comprehension, advanced prose, art, mythology, and a broad-based classical exam called Pentathlon.  Latin teachers, Sharon Beall and Suzanne McComack were pleased with the dedicated enthusiasm of their students who studied diligently this year to hone their Latin skills.

Competing against much larger schools from San Antonio, including prestigious prep schools such as Texas Military Institute, St. Mary’s Hall, St. Luke’s Episcopal, and Alamo Heights Junior School, the small team of young scholars accomplished the feat of an overall score that won Third Place, Silver Sweepstakes for Area B.  “We brought the smallest group as well as the youngest students to the event and they astounded us with their individual scores;  not bad for their first foray into JCL,” stated Suzanne McComack, Latin teacher for seventh and eighth grades.

When the scores were reported, Karen Moore, author of the Latin Alive text series used by Heritage school replied, “I think this accomplishment shows the success of a classical education.  Our kids tend to dominate oratory and dramatic interpretation, too.  I really do credit classical ed for that.  They learn early on how to memorize, speak well, and present themselves well.”

Even though the Latin educators were delighted with the results of their students’ hard work, they were even more moved by the banner that the students created of their own volition to present to the 1,000 Latin Club students at the spirit rally which opened the contest in the Alamo Heights Auditorium.  The banner read: “Date gloriam Deo!” which translated means: “Give the glory to God!”  Shining trophies and satin ribbons are pleasant to win, but testimony and praise to God will last forever!

Learn more about the Heritage School on their website:

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