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Classical Cushions

Do you ever feel challenged looking for the perfect gift for your Latin teacher?  Something classical for the classroom maybe?  Well here is the perfect item.  Sure to make any Latin teacher or any Latin enthusiast smile.

Colosseum Sofa from Tappezzeria Rocchetti

This sofa is the perfect example of an exceptionally manufactured sofa that offers both the comfort of a sofa and the unique feeling of visiting a historical monument like the Colosseum in Italy, Rome. The manufacturer, Tappezzeria Rocchetti is actually famous for its craftwork upholstery that already has over sixty years of tradition. This sofa is a mix of antique history and also modern features – comfort and modern materials, being perfect for the little hostels in the city of Rome , offering the tourists a taste of the ancient Rome while still inside or in front of the TV set.

where form meets function meets classical something or other

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