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Cowboy Latin!

What better way can we celebrate Latin in Texas than with some Latin Cowboy songs?!  Here is my students’ rendition of “Home on the Range.”  The pronunciation is neither classical nor ecclesiastical . . . it’s Texan!

Dom’ in Campo mp3  (Home on the Range)

cowboys3This project came about a few years back.  My sixth grade class was studying the cowboys and westward expansion as a part of their history studies that year.  My task as a Latin teacher is to build connections with Latin to all subjects.  But how in the world was I going to connect Latin with cowboys on the range?  I gave my students the assignment to translate “Home on the Range” into Latin.  It turned out to be a wonderful project.  Not only did it reinforce their grammar and vocabulary, but also taught them something about the poetry of music. 

The Latin cowboys later earned 1st place for their vocal ensemble (accompanied by guitar and ukelele) at the Area Latin Convention.

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