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Latin Club

Daphne (Laurels Have No Lovers)

The following is a poem written by one of my tenth grade students at Grace Academy. The poem recently won first place at the Texas State Junior Classical League Convention - quite an honor. The poem is based on the popular myth of Daphne and Apollo. Read the rest of this entry »

Latin Club

At Grace Academy one of the ways we really make Latin come alive for students is with a very active Latin Club.  The GA Latin Club is an official member of both the National Junior Classical Leage and the Texas State Junior Classical League.  The National Junior Classical League is an organization of more than 5,000 schools in the U.S. and Canada, whose purpose is to promote the study of classics in secondary education.  Membership is open to students in both public and private schools, as well as in home school settings.  It takes only 5 students to form a chapter.  So if you can’t find one near you, it is easy to create your own.  As members there are a number of competitive opportunities for our students.  For those students who are competitive by nature (most of mine) the carrot of competition will motivate them more than any score on an assignment or report card.  Such events include pen pal programs, national creative writing contests, and the popular Latin conventions on the area, state, and national level.  Our club is at this very moment excitedly preparing for our local Area Latin Convention.  Yes, I said “excitedly!”  Whether the competition is academics, vocals, art, olympics, drama, oratory, costume, or another event, every student can find something that not only matches his/her own interests.  There is truly something in Latin for everyone!

Of course, Latin Club is not limited to offical NJCL events.  Our club also enjoys special creative events like gingerbread architecture, t-shirt designs, Christmas carolling with Latin songs,  pizza toga parties, and much more.  These young people often surprise me with their own fun and creative ways to apply their Latin studies outside the classroom.  When they begin generating the ideas and pushing you, then you know Latin has truly come alive for them.

Nota Bene:

  • For more information on the NJCL or to find out more information about individual state and local chapters, please visit
  • For more information on the Grace Academy Latin Club, including pictures of recent activities, please visit our website posted on the blogroll.  Perhaps you will find something there to inspire your club.  Let us know if you come up with any great ideas of your own.