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Fun Latin Stories

Treasure hunter finds rare antique in Cumbria

A metal detector enthusiast in Cumbria has discovered a rare Roman bronze helmet complete with face-mask.

It is believed to be one of only three of its kind to be found in Britain.

The helmet would have been worn, possibly with colourful streamers attached, as a mark of excellence by Roman soldiers at sport parades.

Crosby Garrett Helmet

Crosby Garrett Helmet

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Creative Writing Competition

Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you fascinated by the stories of ancient Rome? Well here is a competition for you! Burgess Hill School proudly presents the third annual Golden Sponge-Stick Writing Competition. This competition is open to students of ALL ages around the globe. Read on for contest information. Read the rest of this entry »

Ashton’s Interview

In a previous post I shared that Ashton, one of my students at Grace Academy, recently earned a distinction as one of the top Latin students at the recent convention of the National Junior Classical League.  In a recent interview with Chris Perrin Ashton discusses how she became interested in Latin and the NJCL.  You can listen to the podcast on Dr. Perrin’s Blog, Inside Classical Education.

Latin Student of the Year!

I don’t often brag on my own students on this blog site.  Usually I want to write posts that share ideas and encourage each of you.  However, all of you who are parents and teachers understand that there are some times when your student does something so wonderful you just have to share or you will burst.  I have one such young lady that I must write about today.

Grace Academy has a Latin Club that is an active chapter in the National Junior Classical League. The NJCL is an organization of more than 50,000 members in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  It is the largest classical organization in the world today.  It’s purpose is to promote the study of classics in secondary schools (grades 7 – 12).  Each year we attend competitions on the area and state level.  Sometimes a few of our students will make the journey to attend the big national convention, where approximately a thousand dedicated young classicists convene at a university campus each year for a week full of competitions and events.  Nationals are the great pilgrimage for every truly dedicated JCLer.

I have one tenth grade student who enjoys NJCL so much that she has now attended for the past three consecutive years.  Ashton loves JCL.  She is hooked. Each year her goal has been to improve on the year before.  Each year she has challenged herself to pursue more competitions and excel at each one – this girl cannot do something half-way (at least not when it comes to Classics).  To list all the events that Ashton entered and placed in would be entirely too long for this post, but as a synopsis:

Ashton created and entered 16 pieces of art, studied steadily for two academic tests, wrote two papers, prepared a speech entirely in Latin, designed a costume and risked making a fool of herself in individual athletic endeavors.  She also played on the Texas delegation’s volleyball team.  At the area convention in February Ashton was elected Area F chair by her peers.  As such she was also responsible to prepare items for the Texas delegation (over 200 people) to use at  one of the pep-rally-like events they are required to attend at nationals.   Almost all of this was done over her summer break!

As a result of her dedicated efforts, Ashton placed in the top ten in every event she entered winning numerous first place awards.  This led to overall achievements as follows:

  • 4th place overall medal in Creative Arts
  • 1st place overall medal in Graphic Arts
  • 1st place Individual Achievement Award trophy (Overall Sweepstakes)
  • 1st place Lillie B. Hamilton Award trophy (Overall Highest Points, scoring points in at least 3 different categories)

Ashton, NJCL 2010

Ashton is the type of young lady I find described in “Do Hard Things” by the Harris brothers.  If you have not read that book, I highly recommend it.  Ashton’s achievement is the result of years of dedicated study and hard work, a palpable passion for classics, and parents who encourage her and support her in all that she does.  This causes her to not only excel in her classical studies, but in many other areas of life.  Congratulations, Ashton.  I applaud your efforts to “do hard things.”  Not even the sky can limit you.  You truly deserve the title, “Latin Student of the Year!”

You can learn more about the National Junior Classical League and their national convention at

Terence Awards for Classics Student Films

The winners of the 2010 Terence Awards have been announced!  The Terence Awards honor excellence in films created by classics students.  You absolutely must take a look at what these talented young classicists have created.  There are two categories for each age level: 1) Best use of Latin in a Film  2) Best Picture.  Many of you who frequent this post will be glad to hear that Dominus Anulorum (The Lord of the Rings) won Best Picture!  If you liked our post on Dominus Anulorum, you will really want to check out these films as well.  You can read the names of the winners for each category and access their films through the eClassics website.

If you have not already done so, be sure to watch the award-winning Dominus Anulorum on this blog site.

Feeling inspired to create a film of your own?  The call-for-submissions for the 2011 Terence Awards will be posted on the eClassics website in September of this year.

How can I review Latin this summer?

This is a question I am asked a lot. Parents are often concerned about the typical "backwards slide" that naturally occurs during the summer. They are always looking for a few good tips on how to keep things "fresh" so students can begin the next year on the right foot. The challenge is finding a FUN and ENJOYABLE way Read the rest of this entry »

Cowboy Latin!

What better way can we celebrate Latin in Texas than with some Latin Cowboy songs?! Here is my students' rendition of Home on the Range. The pronunciation is neither classical nor ecclesiastical . . . it's Texan! Read the rest of this entry »

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Latin Roll Call

I received so many hits on the Fantastic Mr. Fox post that I thought I would follow up with a translation of the roll call scene. Below is a list of the names you will see on the screen in order of appearance. I have provided the literal translation and the common name for each animal. Read the rest of this entry »

Latin Comic Strip – Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comic strips. I love the wit of the writers and their frequent use of puns. My husband pointed out this particular strip, which had me in stitches. Read the rest of this entry »

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

This evening we took our kids to see the new movie, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The kids loved it and I was thrilled at Mr. Fox’s relative proficiency with Latin terms Read the rest of this entry »