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Card Games

When learning Latin numerals cards games can be a wonderful means to review the lesson and practice speaking Latin.  My personal favorite is “Go Fish”  or “I Piscare!”  To play follow all the normal rules for the card game “Go Fish,” but speak only Latin.  Use the Latin cardinal numerals plus a few other important phrases:

Ace = Primus ( You could also use “alpha” or “unus“)

King = Rex

Queen = Regina

Jack = Dux

Do you have = Habesne

Yes = Sic Est or Ita Vero

No = Minime!

Go Fish! = I Piscare!

I win! = Vinco!

You can use the same idea for other card games like “Old Maid.”  For card games that will help you practice vocabulary look for the posts on Clash Cards and Latin Taboo.

Watch for the coming post on Latin Board Games.

Do you have a favorite game for your Latin students?  Please share in the comment box!

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