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Caligula’s Tomb Discovered?

It looks as though a bumbling burglar may have led police to a long lost statue of the emperor Caligula.  Authorities believe it may have come from the tomb of the emperor himself.  The whereabouts of this tomb have been a mystery up until now, but the would-be thief has lead authorities to the site where he found the statue.  This information may be premature, but it is a story worth following that may provide some important information for students of ancient history.  Excavations are now underway.

You can read a news report on Caligula’s Tomb Found.

Students can read about the emperor Caligula in The Lives of the Twelve Caesars by Suetonius.  The original text is in Latin and offers fabulous material for students.  A few excerpts from Suetonius appear in Latin Alive Book 2.  You can purchase complete translations of Suetonius’ work as well.  BUT, caveat emptor, Suetonius’ work is sometimes called the national enquirer of the ancient world.  He loved to report on good (or really bad) scandal.

For a quick bit of info on Caligula check out Andrew Murdoch’s mini YouTube lecture on Caligula at his Bread and Circuses blogsite.

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