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Calidus et Frigidus

A Texas girl in Pennsylvania. I am here filming the DVD for Latin Alive Book 2, and trying to adjust to the colder temperatures. You have to undertand that in central Texas right now the lows are in the 30’s which we think is pretty cold. The highs in PA right now are probably about the same as those lows so my little toes are cold. So what does this have to do with Latin? As I was curled up under a goose down comforter with lots of Latin on my mind I began to think of calidus et frigidus (hot and cold). Right now I am frigida and I would much prefer to be calida or at least tepida. Then I thought to myself, “This would make a great Latin game!” (though I would enjoy it more in a warmer climate) One could even use the comparative and superlative forms that appear in chapter 6 of LA2:
calidus, calidior, calidissimus
frigidus, frigidior, frigidissimus

Here’s hoping you are all nice and tepidi wherever you are. Now I am going to get myself some calidus chocolate!

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